Weekly Goals

-Make a new workout playlist

-Wear pretty clothes every day. NO SWEATS!

-No pop this week

-Remember that the majority of fatty foods gross you out. 

-Look cute when you work out



My month’s goal!

My month’s goal!

Welcome world.

College student. 19. Female. 

I have a lot of stress factors that cause me to overeat. Not only do I have an anxiety disorder, I suffer from depression, and have some characteristics of an OCD person. But, other than that, I am just your general happy girl who loves laughing, reading, and God.  I used to be major healthy and fit. But then (I will spare you), a bunch of crap happened in my life and I discovered that food helped me forget about my worries. For a minute. 

And now, I live 6 hours from home and am in a serious long-distance relationship. So I have even more stress. 

Therefore, I like to eat food. 

Though I am generally happy with who I am, God has blessed me with major confidence (most days), I have recognized the fact that in order to successfully live a happy life I need to live healthier. 

So this is my healthy happy life blog. 

I plan on making this mostly private, but I want to be able to provide posts that will motivate others to loose weight. A healthy person is a happy person. And that leads to a meaningful life.